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This is classified as a Heat Management Device but is very different to the typical ones you see on the market. This is made of a high grade stainless steel Aluminium and has the addition of silicone material handles in the shape of an apple so you can move it or lift it when required without the handle being too hot.

So why is the Apple On Top Provost so unique? 

- The first point to make here is that this device has an added benefit of being more versatile due to the fact that it can be placed on top of foil on any bowl set up! Unlike typical Heat Management Devices where they require a specific diameter bowl size or a lip for it to be compatible. This one does not!
- The lid acts as a natural wind cover for when you are smoking outdoors and it also directs a lot of heat into the bowl which means you do not need many coals within this device to get it going.
- The vents allow you to control the airflow and if you feel like it is still getting too hot or harsh, you can simply remove the lid temporarily while the bowl cools down a touch.
- Due to the bottom screen of the Provost having multiple air holes, it also ensures that your coal are getting enough of a supply of oxygen to prevent them blacking out or burning too quick. This also means additional longevity of your coals.

What's different about v2? 
The lid has a completely different design going from 3 small top vents to 2 larger top vents. The idea of this is to make for an even simpler heat management process leading to a more consistent and simple to manage session. 


Apple On Top

Apple On Top Provost 2

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