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Silicone Bowls aka unbreakable bowls along with a pan/chimney set.

These bowls are very popular around lounges up and down the country due to their durability and able to take heat. Being made from food grade silicone, these bowls can be tossed, thrown and dropped without any damaged occurring. 

The pan set is to go directly on top and we would recommend that you still apply foil over the silicone bowl before putting the pan/chimney on top of the bowl as we believe it makes for a much smoother session overall and is what most lounges who use this set up opt for. 

Another great feature is that being made from silicone, a bowl grommet is not required in MOST cases, simply put on top of your shisha pipe and the silicone will mould onto the top of the stem providing a super snug fit without the need for any type of bowl grommet.

This also proves to be a great bowl for travels as you do not need to worry about breaking it when left in a bag.

holds around 20-25g of flavour depending on packing methods used.

Black Silicone Bowl + Pan set

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