Cloud Coal Burner

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Cloud Coal Burner is the latest burner on the market with a massive 1500w power output. This puts it on par with some of the best burners used. The design is typical and a preferred one for most people with the hot plate style coils on a flat burner and it has thick high quality coils to compliment the high quality casing. 

The Cloud Coal Burner has a dial operation that people will be familiar with which reflects the strength of heat output from the coils (1 being lowest - 5 being maximum). 

Couple of pointers we like to give to anybody using any coil burners:
  1. Do not leave your burner unnecessarily powered on longer than it needs to be - i.e. always power down your burner straight after use.
  2. Only ever have your burner powered on for a maximum duration of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, power it down and let the coils fully cool down to room temperature before using it again.

Following these two very simple rules will help ensure no damage occurs to any of your coal burners and let you enjoy more perfect smokes from perfectly lit coals. Please note that due to the heating nature of the burner, we cannot guarantee any damage of the coils as leaving the coal burner switched on for long periods of time will cause the coils to bend and eventually crack.

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