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The molasses catcher is made from cnc cut aluminium and is made for most typical ports such as 18.8 cut. It is suitable for most but please do check which cut bowl port you have. 

Colour Apollo (black with specs as seen) 

The M Rosenfeld catcher simply needs to be placed ontop of your bowl port and has an intergrated grommet to do this. Your bowl typically then sits on top of the mole catcher bowl port. 

Why a mole catcher? Molasses catchers have become really popular due to the ability to prevent juices flowing through the stem which makes cleaning a whole bunch easier and prevents the juices sticking to the stem which could cause the flavour to 'stain' the pipe. 

Thie mole catcher has a screw fit base which effectively collects the juices that may flow down the bowl which you can then empty and clean at the end of your session. Unlike a few existing ones in the market, this does not restrict airflow due to a raised spire inside with big holes ensuring a smooth draw as usual. People have been accustom to a glass mole catcher, not practical in the real world however as they are easily prone to breaking. The high grade Ocean Mole catcher, you do not need to worry about dropping it or the water temperature when washing it etc. 


M Rosenfeld

M Rosenfeld Mole Catcher

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