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The Oduman Micro V2 is another special and unique piece from the manufacturers based in Turkey. The Micro is simply named after its size which is as you can see, very very small! 

The Micro is taking portability to the next level with everything you can see here being able to fit within the Oduman Micro bag which comes with it. Its astonishing to think everything comes apart and easily assembles to make this beautiful small piece. 

Do not think for one moment that Oduman have simply created a small shisha for the sake of it, oh no, this is machine crafted stainless steel and it even has a built in diffuser! It has an extremely heavy top plate which simply sits on top of the glass vase and provides a downwards force to help stability. 

This Oduman Micro does not have an ashtray so it would be advisable to use with bowls with HMDs or Chimney Sets. 

Are you looking for something extremely portable yet functional to take when you go away or to have on your desk while you are working away? The Oduman Micro V2 is a great choice!

With the V2 oduman have improved one major thing, the top lid now making it a click lock for security! 

What is included? 

  • Oduman Glass Vase
  • Oduman Stainless steel downstem with diffuser
  • Hose port and purge valve pieces
  • Silicone hose with mouthpiece and hose port connector
  • Red zip carry bag
  • all screw on parts also come in a pouch which fits within the vase this means you can take everything you see and carry it within the red carry bag!



Oduman Micro V2

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